Little upfront investments:

Asters are short day plants. The vegetative growth (length) takes place during the long day period, a day length of 16  to 18 hours. When reaching the length about 50 cm the short day period is needed for reaching the blooming state (day length 12 hours). After 5 to 6 weeks harvesting the flowers can be started.
In warmer regions, close to the equator, means that you won't need much more then lights. in addition to outside growth, they can be grown underneath a shade cloth or inside a greenhouse. In colder regions a greenhouse with lights and dimming is needed. Due to low energy needs, heating the greenhouse won't be needed much.

Four to five crops per year

When enough light and warmth is available, by nature of artificial, it is possible to harvest 4  to 5 crops per year.
The total cultivation cyclus takes about 10 to 16 weeks. By planting new plants or sprouting, the next harvest can be reached after 13 weeks.
The production lies about 50 to 70 branches a m2. At a price about 22 cents per branch, a income about € 40,- per m2 per year is possible.

Asters can be cultivated with single stem technique, just like Chrysantemum's, Hereby the time of cultivation cycle will be abbreviated with several weeks. The cultivation in this way gives a uniform crop with even branches.

Market potential

Traditional Aster are commonly used as a Bouquet filler. Our varieties with big flowers are not only good to use as a bouquet filler, but also as a bouquet on it's own. Our small flower varieties are now available in a diversity of colors. Hereby the application of Asters are more easier to deposit.

Our varieties

We select our varieties in a diversity of cultivation circumstances. There for we take a look at many cultivation characteristics.
Long vase life and easy transportation are very important. Also we keep an eye on sensitivity for pest and diseases;
particularly root diseases. Naturally the production and harvest merchantability are at the utmost importancy. Herefor our varieties are easy to grow, cultivate and transport.
At this moment we have several new production lines available. Our single flowered Asters, Aster Astée® and the Aster Astée® mini. These kinds are available in a diversity of colors: light and dark pink, light and darkblue, purple and white.

Interested in partnering?

We have 25+ years of experience in breeding and commercial growth of Asters. Apart from offering easy to grow world-leading varieties, we can support our partners with information and advice on selection of best varieties for your situation, optimal growth and quality and potential sales channels.

Contact us for more information on availability and flowering trials.