Our assortment cut flower Eryngium consists of the the following varieties. These three varieties are protected by plant breeders rights. Please contact us for more information.


Blue Bell®
Blue Bell® is a  small-flowered Eryngium that stands out because of the remarkable blue colour. Apart of long stems this variety also has a hight production, especially in the second year. Because this variety has no stamen, the flowers will not turn grey.


  Arabian Dawn®
  Arabian Dawn® also has long stems, but is has large flowers as well.


  Marbella® is an Eryngium whith a very special flower, because of the double Flowers.
  Apart from blue, this variety can be harvested green as well.

In 1997 we started with the breeding of Helleborus. This special winter flowering plant is one of the only plants that start to flower from january onwards. Besides flower colour and flowershape, the growth an flowering speed are the most important breeding goals. Because of this we have varieties which grow well, flower easily and are less sensitive for pests and diseases.
Due to our extensive breeding program we are able to provide seedlings in a large range of colours. We are specialised in Helleborus orientalis(=hybrids). Our Helleborus orientalis Double Ellen® is a protected trademark and has been developed as a garden pland and for cut flower as well.
Because of the double flowers this variety has a nice ornamatal value and the flowers will stay nice for months.