On request we have trails available of our wide range of new varieties. There are three product-lines available: The Aster Astée®, Aster Single and Aster Astée® Mini. If you want to know more about our latest varieties, please contact us.
The following varieties are already commercial available:
Aster Astée®
Pretty Wendy: This variety is the best white double flowering available world-wide. Especially when grown for several years, this variety has a hight production of up to 70 stems per square meter. The first crop can give less stems. This variety has a reaction time of six weeks.
Aster Single
Casablanca Improved: This is an improvement of our oldest variety Casablanca! It gives more and long, firm stems. The large flowers are pure with with a greenish center. The vase life of three weeks can be called very long.

Paquita: An imporvement of the well-known variety Monte Casino. Grows much easier and gives more and firmer stems.